Working culture at Quang Minh Invest


At Quang Minh Invest, enthusiasm is not enough, but the sense of responsibility is always on top. Passion and sense of responsibility have helped Quang Minh Invest overcome difficulties and obstacles during the development process. With each commitment, Quang Minh Invest will perform with all passion and highest sense of responsibility.


The difference between a growing organization and an organization simply lies in the spirit of cooperation among its members. Team spirit here means working together to achieve goals that are important to the company and to the individual. Team spirit is often expressed in small acts of cooperation between individuals and groups; we depend on each other, working together as a team to bring good business to Quang Minh Invest and individual satisfaction in work. The concept of “we” is always placed on top of the “I” concept in the work approach.


Today, working in a dynamic environment, in order not to become out of date, hard work is not enough. Employees need to know how to work intelligently, by focusing on their work, creating and thinking broadly. These things will help employees save a lot of time and effort as well as financial resources of the company.


In recent years, the Vietnamese market is booming and developing strongly and rapidly in technology. At Quang Minh Invest, adaptability is shown through innovative thinking, continuous improvement of working processes, approaches, problem solving and encouraging employees to learn constantly.