Work environment

At Quang Minh Invest, we are committed to creating a diverse and vibrant leadership culture for young people to bring into play their skills and abilities; is a place where you can break through and create the impossible.

Standing on major challenges:

Throughout our history, we have taken on great challenges and we try to do the best in what we do. This spirit drives us to move forward and sustain our ambitions: to develop innovative technologies that promote a better life. Join us for the next big challenge of the future.

Shaping the future:

The creativity and diversity of the people working at Quang Minh Invest make us one of the most innovative companies in Vietnam, and our employees continue to drive innovation every day. . We have a passion for the products we are building. And, an open, cooperative working environment that facilitates sharing of unique knowledge that each individual brings is the core factor to maintain a stable staff at Quang Minh Invest. This is where you can work with great people and your ideas can bring to life new products and solutions that are shaping our future.

Have influence:

What makes working at Quang Minh Invest meaningful is that you know that you are playing a key role in bringing new technology to the world to improve people’s lives. We are trying to use our technology to contribute to growth and development in the community. Accompanying us, at Quang Minh Invest, you will have the opportunity to perform work that is truly meaningful and has a positive impact on the community..